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Simplify and streamline technical documentation management.

An innovative and efficient web-based platform designed specifically for the MedTech industry.

One unique tool to simplify the management of all documents and medical device approval processes, compliant with the new European MDR regulation 2017/745 in force from May 2021.

Challenges in technical documentation management
Technical documentation management is a dynamic process throughout the product lifecycle, encompassing design, development, and post-market activities. It serves as a centralized repository for product information from multiple departments, including research, development, marketing, production, regulations, and quality control.

Current challenges in technical documentation management include manual handling, which involves paper-based processes, leading to the risk of document loss, and outdated or unverified information. Additionally, collaboration among multiple departments for file submission to regulatory bodies adds complexity.

To overcome these challenges, Promeditec offers the digital solution eDMR, a document management and approval workflow platform that simplifies and speeds up the preparation and management of technical documentation for medical devices.
Main advantages
The eDMR encompasses the single work of various tools available on the market all in one, such as document collection, storage, and management of medical device approval processes in accordance with the ongoing regulation.
The structure and the interface are extremely user friendly. The platform is built to facilitate the document collection processes conducted by companies.
The workflows developed in background make the platform fast and agile by reducing response times.
Key features
Web based
Hierarchical structure enabling organized technical dossiers.
Document management with versioning and online preview.
Workflow for efficient document finalization.
Upload documents using templates for convenience.
Assign permissions to folders and files for secure access control.
Customizable folder structure to suit your needs.
Streamlined submission of final documents to regulatory bodies.
Filter device dossiers by attributes and metadata for easy navigation.
Audit trail section for enhanced transparency and traceability.
Take control of your technical documentation management today and discover the eDMR.
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