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Promeditec is your IT partner for clinical research.

We work with you in facing innovations in the IT sector and provide guidance on new and efficient digital solutions to improve the efficiency and accuracy of clinical research.

Data management challenges in clinical research.
Managing large amounts of data generated during research processes is one of the main critical aspect in the field of clinical research. The collection of data from multiple sources, their organization, and analysis require specific skills and advanced technological solutions.

Our consulting focuses precisely on these challenges, offering advanced technological solutions and specialized expertise to guide you towards innovative and efficient digital solutions, improving the efficacy and accuracy of clinical research.
Expert support
Our consulting services can also support institutions involved in clinical trials in managing temporary needs for specialized personnel, thus ensuring the smooth conduct of the trials.
We provide specialized professionals (SAS® Programmer, Data Manager, Statistician, QA) to support clients in conducting Clinical Trials, addressing short-term workload, and avoiding the risk of permanently burdening the organizational structure.

Currently, Promeditec can offer the following professional figures:

Quality Assurance
Infrastructure and system validation: Computer System Validation
Regulatory Affairs
Study Management
Data Management
Pilot Project Program
The field of Clinical digital systems, software platforms dedicated to clinical research, is rapidly evolving, and gaining significant importance.
Our offering consists of services and technologies that result from research and development activities, also carried out with our technology partners and some of our clients. To propose and provide increasingly innovative and efficient solutions, we continue to invest in this direction.

For pharmaceutical companies, CROs, hospitals, and research institutions interested in learning about the latest projects and participating in them, there is the possibility to join our Pilot Project program.

Promeditec conducts numerous research and development activities, both internally and at the regional and European level. These activities are carried out in collaboration with technology partners, pharmaceutical companies, CROs, research centers, and hospitals. Our technology partners specialize in various sectors, such as clinical data management, integration with hospital systems, pharmacovigilance, PACS (imaging) system management, Big Data management, Business Intelligence, semantics, and many others.

By creating these networks, research and development projects are carried out with the aim of meeting the real needs of professionals operating in the field of designing and conducting clinical studies. For this reason, Promeditec actively involves those operating in clinical trials in all its activities, to gain immediate feedback through focus groups, discussions on specifications, field tests, and prototype version experiments.

By participating in our pilot project program, pharmaceutical companies, CROs, research centers, and hospitals can experience innovative solutions not yet available on the market, benefiting from a highly dynamic environment capable of measuring the benefits resulting from the use of new technologies and processes from a scientific and economic point of view.

Optimize IT management in your clinical research activities.
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