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Make your events a success with Promeditec’s expert guidance.

Get the most out of your events with personalized assistance.

We look for the best solution according to your needs and we support your project managing events of all types, whether in-person, hybrid, or online.

We have an exceptional level of expertise in the medical field, but our capabilities extend beyond that area as well.

Make your events hassle-free.
Organizing an event can be overwhelming.

That's why Promeditec offers comprehensive organization and technical management services at 360° to help you take your events seamlessly.

We provide a team of experts who will help you in all technical aspects, making the experience of your guest speakers and participants easy and smooth. Whether you're planning an internal meeting or a large event, Promeditec has got you covered.
Get the most out of your events with personalized support in all the phases
With our meticulous planning and attention to detail, you can rest assured that your event will be a seamless and unforgettable experience for all.

We believe in working closely with our clients before the event to ensure its success. We analyse the program and infrastructure to identify any potential issues and come up with feasible and practical solutions.

Our team prepares all the necessary materials, including lectures and promotional videos, and schedules appointments to share information and conduct any required technical tests.
With our support, you can focus on delivering your presentations with confidence, knowing that our team has your back.

During the event we take charge of managing all aspects, whether it's an online, recorded, or in-person presentation. We provide expert technical assistance and direction to ensure that everything runs smoothly, from start to finish.
We can help you turn your event into a valuable and engaging resource that your audience can access anytime, anywhere.

After the event is over, we take care of editing the video materials and producing the on-demand content that you need.
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Let us help you create memorable and effective experiences.
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