Case histories

Each story represents a unique journey where new experiences, knowledge, human, and professional interactions intertwine. Here, you will find some of the results achieved together with our clients.

International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma (ICML)
Thanks to months of commitment and dedication, in a valuable collaboration with other prominent partners, we played a significant role in the realization of the ICML 2021 Congress in Lugano, Switzerland, the world's largest conference entirely dedicated to malignant lymphoma research, which took place in a completely virtual format. With a record-breaking participation of over 4,700 people, we successfully managed an extensive scientific program spanning 55 hours, ensuring the planning, pre-registration, and editing of all scheduled presentations, as well as the management of live connections for 190 speakers and moderators across 4 simultaneous channels.

Furthermore, we encouraged active audience engagement through 80 live question and answer sessions, facilitating dynamic discussions among leading experts in the field from around the world.
Working with the Promeditec team was a very positive experience not only from a professional but also from a personal point of view. In addition to the undeniable expertise and experience with which the many steps of our collaboration (from scrupulous planning to accurate implementation of our event) were approached, we never lacked their support on a personal level. Promeditec staff was always available to precisely analyze every aspect of the project, to deal flexibly with the inevitable contingencies and to seek solutions. Invaluable was also the enthusiasm with which the team supported us throughout the months of our collaboration-a positive approach that also transferred to the other collaborators involved in the project.
Promeditec was for us not "just" a service provider but a real partner, truly involved and committed to our project.
Cristiana Brentan
ICML Secretary - Scientific program and publications
European School of Oncology
Among the various activities, for the European School of Oncology (ESO), we managed several online masterclass programs, providing a comprehensive service aimed at organizing meetings that involved experts and students from around the world in collaborative live sessions. With over 70 hours of live content, together with ESO, we offered the opportunity for over 400 students to acquire new knowledge and skills and engaged more than 150 renowned experts. The masterclasses include real clinical case presentations, question and answer sessions, discussions, workshops, and parallel sessions in different thematic rooms.

We oversee the entire event, ensuring a smooth flow of content and always providing technical support. Thanks to our expertise, we create dynamic and engaging learning environments that enable participants to enhance their skills and knowledge in the field of oncology.
European School of Oncology Masterclasses (e-ESO)
For this project, our focus is to create recorded video lectures, which we then make available on a dedicated course platform. We coordinate appointments with experts and provide assistance throughout the entire recording process to ensure excellent audio and video quality. This way, we guarantee the final production of educational materials that are clear, comprehensible, and easily accessible to students. With over 600 recorded video lectures produced in collaboration with professional doctors and the creation of more than 20 online courses, our commitment, in synergy with the ESO team, has contributed to providing educational content for the training of young oncologists worldwide.
European School of Oncology Postgraduate Programmes (ESO Certificates)
ESO has been collaborating with Promeditec for a long time and has organised a lot of online events with their support. Their professional experience makes them the ideal partner for online education: kindness, professionalism and competence work together to create the perfect mix for organising webinars and online events. Promeditec’s staff are always ready to evaluate our needs and suggest technical solutions. They carefully listen to the customer’s desires and constantly work to fulfil all the requests. We feel confident in leaving our online events in the hands of Promeditec and we definitely recommend them as a partner for online education.
Francesca Marangoni
ESO Management Committee Coordinator
Sharing Progress in Cancer Care – Onco Corner (SPCC)
As the IT partner for SPCC, we provide a comprehensive range of multilingual solutions to enhance the accessibility of educational content. We organize live webinars with subtitles and simultaneous translations through integrated systems with video conferencing platforms, ensuring a seamless experience for a global and diverse audience. For recorded sessions, our video platform is designed to accommodate videos with voiceovers and multilingual subtitles, reviewed by industry professionals, with a meticulous focus on scientific content.

We also provide transcripts to further improve content comprehension and the educational experience. With a strong commitment to overcoming language barriers and promoting inclusivity, our solutions enable SPCC to reach a broader audience and offer high-impact educational initiatives at both local and global levels.
We had a very positive experience working with the Promeditec team. They are consistently reliable, professional and proactive. We were particularly impressed with their problem-solving skills and their availability, as well as the ability to meet our specific needs and deliver results on time. We would highly recommend Promeditec to anyone looking for an online project development partner.
Daniela Mengato
SPCC Chief Operating Officer
Accademia di Senologia “Umberto Veronesi” (e-accademia)
Through our partnership with the Accademia Veronesi, we have launched a monthly training session program. We manage live webinars and subsequently make them available on-demand on our video platform, linked to the client's website, ensuring access even after the conclusion of the live event. Leveraging well-known and user-friendly video conferencing tools and thanks to our pre-event tests and briefings, we ensure a pleasant experience for both speakers and webinar participants. Prior to each event, we provide all experts with the necessary tools and information, significantly reducing the likelihood of technical issues during the live session.

Our dedicated team also offers support throughout the duration of the webinar, intervening promptly in case of any critical issues. We are committed to delivering high-quality training sessions, and through our collaboration with the Accademia Veronesi, we aim to create an e-learning platform that enhances knowledge sharing within the Italian medical community.
With the Promeditec team, we've had an excellent experience. They are always available and quick to fulfill any request or resolve any issues, which makes the ongoing collaboration extremely positive. Their strength lies in their constant presence when needed, thanks to their remarkable listening skills and great responsiveness, even in the case of specific needs. In particular, I believe that Promeditec stands out not only for their expertise but also for their dedication and availability of the team. I would definitely recommend their services without hesitation.
Elena Fiore
Accademia Veronesi Event organizer - Administrative Secretariat Coordinator
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